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The name Fazana originates from an ancient name Phasiana, related to the pheasant (Croatian: fazan), and also to Vasianum, connected with an ancient skill of producing amphorae, which were used for transporting the famed and celebrated wine and olive-oil from the Istrian coast throughout the Roman Empire. The sacral life of Fazana dates back to 1150 when it was mentioned for the fist time as a parish. SS. Cosmas and Damian are patron saints of Fažane. During the centuries of Venetian rule, until 1797, Fazana was both a village and a town, rural and urban center and Venetian architecture left traces on the appearance of today's old town center with its narrow streets, stone houses and typical piazzas.


History Fazana


When the Brijuni Islands began to develop into a health resort and fashionable retreat for the élite, Fazana provided accommodation for tourists in several hotels and many catering facilities. There was also a toffee and liqueur factory, fish processing plant, shipyard, bakeries, garages and gas stations, boat connections with Adriatic ports. After World War II, Brijuni became Tito's official residence and that defined the way of life of the surrounding area. Many heads of state, political leaders and artists from all continents strolled along Fazana's waterfront, on their way to Brijuni.

The Brijuni Islands were proclaimed as a national park in 1983 which gave a strong impetus for the tourism of Fazana. The image of Fazana's future viewed from its waterfront sets off from the identity of a town with a fervent desire to preserve the picturesque quality of a small fishing town, vivacity of waterfront cafés and restaurants, intimacy of local rooftops and liveliness of its small harbor.

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